Our History

New Germany Baptist Church began in the early 1980’s, meeting in the early days in a local school hall. In the early 1990’s we purchased land on  Adrienne Place, New Germany (the Pinetown area of Durban). And then in 1995 the Lord blessed us with our church building.

We are born again, which means we have happily found life in Jesus Christ by God’s grace alone through faith alone, for “the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rom. 6:23). We are literalists, which means we tend to read and understand the Bible normally rather than seeing allegorical meaning here, there, and everywhere. We are creationists, which means we believe Genesis 1 as it is written. God really did create the world, universe, and all that is in them in 6 literal, 24-hour days.

We are conservative, which means we believe God’s words are meant to guide for our daily lives down to the details, not just the aspects that fit our programme. We are premillennial, which means we believe Jesus Christ will return to earth in His 2nd coming before (pre) His 1000-year (millennium) kingdom, and that He will return to establish that earthly kingdom. We are pre-tribulational, which means we believe the church will be “raptured” away to the Lord’s presence before the final tribulation period leading up to Christ’s return. Our Literature Outreach

In 2001 we became active in literature production and distribution throughout Kwazulu Natal and beyond. To date we’ve distributed nearly 1.2 million of our little “pocket sermon” booklets, as well as many thousands of other books and booklets. To win souls and help saints in their walk with our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has ever been our purpose. We’ve seen so many helped by God’s grace. Here are just a few excerpts from the hundreds of letters received over the years (some from those for whom English is not their first language); 

“I was truly blessed by your books which I have found to be hard hitting and non-compromising, whilst being doctrinally sound. I am glad to see that I’m not the only Christian who God has called to be radical and totally uncompromising.”

“I have found your studies so interesting and beneficial to my own quiet times with the Lord, also going a long way to improving my insight.  I’m born again now. I have understand what God is saying to me, He say that I’m not going to see His kingdom if I’m not born again. Those words entered my heart. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and now my sins are taken away… May God bless you. You have done important things to me.”

“I am so happy to found this from you it save me. Send more course for me please it help me in life. I believe He have give His Son so now I want to help other people. And I am really a Christian . . . I have found God in prison.  Thank you so much for your Christ centred teachings. I am blessed, equipped and inspired to put them to practice much more than before . . . the lesson has ignited my passion for the lost.  I thank God and you very much for the knowledge I have gained from your easy to understand teachings. It is a blessing to my heart. Your lessons have given so much more confidence in myself to talk about our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

May God use us to take the true teaching of His Word to the ends of the earth for His glory and the growth of His church.