The contents of this book were the essence of a course taught in the Bible College at New Germany Baptist Church in 2006.  In order to present these materials in a form more readily available for further class use we have kept the class divisions used in the course.  Therefore listed separately on the Contents page you will find the starting pages for both the 20 class portions as well the 22 chapters of Revelation.

An honest study of this book of Revelation is as frightening as it is heartening.  Within these stunning, stirring chapters we find greatest hope; of justice upon the wicked, of Christ’s return to His kingdom, of redeemed man’s complete restoration and joy in God’s presence, and of the eternal torment of the lost.  A study of Revelation is most effective together with or following a careful study of Daniel’s prophecy, for therein is provided the framework for an understanding of all of God’s prophecy.  May you find the blessing promised in the first and last chapters of this blessed book (Rev. 1:3; 22:7).  May you find the One revealed within these pages.

Pastor Bill Daniels


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