The contents of this book are the essence of a course taught in the Bible College at New Germany Baptist Church in 2010.  In order to make these materials more easily useable for ongoing class use we have kept the class divisions used in the
course.  Listed separately on the Contents page you will find the starting pages for both the 20 class portions
as well as the 31 chapters of I Samuel. 

The study of this book has been a surprisingly rewarding challenge.  But then I always feel that way coming out the end of such a study.  We find lessons on repentance here.  To summarize, it was two men, Eli and Saul, religious and civil leaders, who refused to honour God’s Word and would not  repentant for their wrongs against the Lord.  Both were thus taken out suddenly under the most tragic circumstances.  But then it was two young men to replace them in Samuel and David.  Both godly men from their youth who lived and died in peace.  It’s a simple yet vital principle underscored by God here, one we do well to remember.  The one who is wilful against God suffers and falls, while the one who is walking with God prospers and soars.  God-rejecters are on their way out, while God-respecters are on their way in and up.  Which one are you my friend?  Please allow the question to be foremost in your mind as you study with us. – Pastor Bill Daniels


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