The contents of this book were part of a course taught together with the book of Haggai in the Bible College at New Germany Baptist Church in 2008.  In order to make these materials more easily useable for ongoing class use we have kept the class divisions used in the course.  Listed separately in the

Table of Contents you will find the starting pages for both the 17 class portions and as well the 14 chapters of Zechariah.  The introductory comments are essentially the same as in our Reading Companion to the Book of Haggai. 

This is a book of prophecy concerning our Lord Jesus Christ, both in His first and second comings.  Helpful for a good understanding here is a foundational awareness of the books of Daniel and Revelation.  The three books together are a stunning study of “things to come”.  The Apostle John wept when there was some uncertainty whether he could know the contents of the sealed book in God’s hand in Rev. 5.  May we approach our study of God’s eternal words with the same earnest passion to know and understand what our God has revealed.

Pastor Bill Daniels


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