The contents of this book are the essence of a course taught in the Bible College at New Germany Baptist Church in 2010.  In order to make these materials more easily useable for ongoing class use we have kept the class divisions used in the course.  Listed separately on the Contents page you will find the starting pages for both the 20 class portions as well as the 13 chapters of II Corinthians. 

In this precious book of II Corinthians Paul relates the true nature of God’s ministry.  It is never a selfish thing, but ever a troubled existence.  Yet trouble is the revealer of the treasure within.  It’s about the treasure of God’s eternal truths within the frail earthen vessels of our earthly lives.  Though we are battered about for the cause of the Christ, yet never are we so useful as then in revealing the treasure of Christ and His gospel within.  “As if a delicate little boat carrying the precious message of truth, lashed and tossed by wind and waves, seemingly ever on the verge of going down, and yet kept afloat by the Lord of the storm.  Perhaps when we feel most like we’re ready to come unglued, that’s when we’re most able to demonstrate the Lord’s reality and power in our lives.”

Pastor Bill Daniels


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